New Offices Case Study – Livin


We were approached by livin, (then Sedgefield Borough Homes) in 2008 and we soon realised that our vision to create a leading business park for the region was matched by their ambition to create a cutting edge workspace for their staff.


Livin wanted a state of the art HQ which incorporated the latest sustainable techniques.  Their main priorities were to have a building that was cost effective to build, low cost to run and that felt like a modern workspace where people would enjoy working and visiting.


The 30,000 sq ft building is constructed using the latest sustainable building techniques including photovoltaic panels for on-site power generation; solar shading for reduced heat gain; intelligent lighting systems for reduced energy consumption, rainwater harvesting for water efficiency and air source heat pumps for energy efficient heating.

The building utilises a two storey concrete frame for its thermal mass benefits which allow it to store heat. Externally the building envelope incorporates zinc cladding a recyclable material, a mixture of standing seam and single ply roof finishes together with glazed curtain walling allowing daylight to infiltrate the building, and composite cladding treatments to the elevations.



Click to download the Case Study report for Livin to the BCO Award 2013

Wayne Harris, executive director for property and development at Livin summarized the benefits of the building.

“The building has also exceeded our expectations of space standards in terms of the working, communal and meeting provision available”.

“Comments received from our first couple of months in the building indicate positive satisfaction from our employees and visitors to the building. Feedback was exceedingly positive in terms of, among others, space, light, office provision, building design and location.”